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2 temp Iloilo airport employees return P1.5 million of foreign currencies 

iloilo airport employees returns 1.5 million cash

Two temporary airport cleaners at the Iloilo International Airport returned P1.5 million worth of money in various currencies as well as expensive electronic gadgets to a departing South African businessman who left his bag under an airport departure bench.

On May 6, Rubeilyn Dela Pena found the unattended computer bag and asked the help of fellow worker Edgardo Penit to look for the owner.

After using the public address system to notify the owner, the two proceeded to the airport’s Lost and Found Section to surrender their find. Inventory showed that the bag contained a huge amount of cash, the devices, and also documents which led them to find out that the owner is Ramzy Ferry, commercial director of Ste Togo Auto Parts in Lome, Togo.

Finding Ferry

Efforts to reach Ferry at the airport proved futile but Engr. Percy A. Malonesio, Officer-in-Charge of Iloilo Airport, said his office sent an e-mail message to Ferry and reported the findings to CAAP main office.

Dela Pena, who is not new to returning lost items she found while on duty at the airport, said she thought the bills were play money as she was not familiar with the foreign currencies.

“For the last seven years that I worked as casual utility personnel at the airport, I have already returned expensive gadgets like cellphones, I-phones, and most recently an expensive bracelet in six figures, which got me a certificate of commendation from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

Upon learning of the incident, CAAP Director General William K Hotchkiss lll commended the honest Iloilo Airport personnel and said that proper recognition will be accorded exemplary workers of the airport for their good deeds.

Hotchkiss, who received a congressional commendation last week for successfully regaining the category 1 safety rating of the US Federal Aviation Administration, said the culture of honesty is embedded among CAAP workers and recognition and rewards for these exemplary deeds serve as incentives for others to emulate. By: Eric B.Apolonio,

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