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Update: “Dragon” Melvin Odicta and wife shot dead

Update: “Dragon” Melvin Odicta and wife shot dead

The bodies of the slain Odicta couple, suspected drug lords have arrived in their home city of ...

“Dragon” Melvin Odicta and wife shot dead

“Dragon” Melvin Odicta and wife shot dead

Aklan Police Provincial Director Senior Superintendent John Mitchell Jamili confirmed that suspected Iloilo druglord Melvin “Dragon” Odicta and ...

Suspected Drug Pusher Killed In Roxas City

Suspected Drug Pusher Killed In Roxas City

A suspected drug pusher involved in an early morning drug buy bust was shot and killed by ...

Crime Incidence Comparison July 2015 vs 2016

Crime Incidence Comparison July 2015 vs 2016

The war on drugs during President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s first month in office has produced an immense ...

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Tsunami hits northern Chile after magnitude 8.2 quake – navy

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DANGER AHEAD | UN document warning of grave climate future completed

YOKOHAMA – Leading scientists and officials completed a fresh climate report Sunday expected to lay bare the grim impact of climate change, with warnings that global food shortages could ...Full Article

‘NO SURVIVORS’ | New data conclude Flight MH370 ended in Indian Ocean, says Malaysia PM

The Malaysia Airlines plane missing since March 8 appears to have ‘ended’ in the Indian Ocean, Malaysia’s prime minister said on Monday evening, citing ‘new data’ from international aviation ...Full Article

BREAKTHROUGH? | Australia spots two objects that might be from MH 370; a ‘credible lead’, says KL

SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia said Thursday that two objects spotted by a satellite in the Indian Ocean were a “credible lead” in the search for a missing ...Full Article

China warns Philippines on disputed shoal

China warned the Philippines on Monday to abandon a disputed shoal in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) after Manila said it planned to challenge a Chinese naval ...Full Article

Malaysia says jet’s disappearance ‘deliberate’

A missing Malaysian airliner was apparently deliberately diverted and flown for hours after vanishing from radar, Prime Minister Najib Razak said Saturday, in an announcement that stopped short of ...Full Article