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“Dragon” Melvin Odicta and wife shot dead 

suspected druglord Melvin Odicta aksyon radyo incident

Aklan Police Provincial Director Senior Superintendent John Mitchell Jamili confirmed that suspected Iloilo druglord Melvin “Dragon” Odicta and his wife was shot and killed at Caticlan Jetty Port early this morning.

Both were shot as they where walking on the walkway of the Caticlan Jetty port. Melvin Odicta was shot and died on the spot, while Meriam was brought to the nearest hospital but died too. Initial report states that there is only one gunman and that the assassin was probably waiting at Caticlan for the right moment to do the deed.

Last week Odicta and wife went to DILG Secretary Sueno to deny that they are involved in the drug trade, but that explanation is believed to be just a cover up to the real reason why they went to Sec Sueno. It is widely whispered that Odicta went to the DILG secretary to reveal all he knows about the drug trade and that he has implicated very known personalities, including high ranking politicians and police.

More updates here as soon as it develops.


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