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Ilonggos urged to join labor registry system 

jon fair ilonggos SM city Iloilo

Western Visayan jobseekers and those who have work skills have been urged to sign up in the National Skills Registry System (NSRS) and let government help them find jobs.

The NSRS was established to capture the pool of available talents at the community level and facilitate the referral and placement of jobseekers, given the available job vacancies in and outside the community, said Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) regional director Ponciano Ligutom.

The registry, which was first introduced in 2008, has space for all members of the working population of the region that number more than two million individuals as of their most recent count, according to DOLE Region 6.

Qualified to register in the NSRS are members of the working population aged 15 years and above.

DOLE Region 6 worked initially with local government units in a series of so-called “waves” with the first group launched in 2010 and the 4th wave implemented in November 2013 with two more waves underway this year and in 2015.

It is now also tapping the support of other government agencies and private sector institutions including the academe to help in drawing in more registrants in the NSRS. DOLE-6 called a meeting with them recently.

Ligutom said there has to be a convergence of efforts to take on opportunities of helping one another “for the country and for the employment of people.”

He cited the importance of the registry which will be able to give needed data to people who want to employ others.

DOLE will also be linking the NSRS with the Phil-Job.Net which is the official job portal system of the government to enhance job matching as part of the thrust to harmonize the manpower databases of concerned agencies.

NSRS likewise seeks to eventually capture most if not all of available manpower supply for potential employment abroad.

At the end of the recent meeting, DOLE Region 6 assistant regional director Salome Siaton thanked the government agencies as well as schools both in the government and private sectors for signifying their support to the registry, which she said is also part of President Aquino’s poverty reduction program. (PIA-6/PanayNews)

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