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Malacañang abolishes Negros Island Region 


President Rodrigo Duterte signed EO No. 38 revoking the creating of the Negros Island Region or the NIR.

EO 38 is essentially revoking EO 183 issued by then President Aquino, making into one Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental into the NIR or Region 18. With the new EO, Negros Occidental will revert back to Region 6 and Negros Oriental will go back to Region 7.

Regional councils and offices are ordered to return to their previous units of deployment or to be reassigned to other offices. Government operations in the NIR, the EO said, should be done within 60 days.

The DILG will supervise the reversion of the NIR to its former regions.

EO-No.-38-1  EO-No.-38-2

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