How to masturbate circumsised

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How do circumcised men masturbate? - Quora

Apr 29, 2014 In the title really, sorry might not warrant a thread although I noticed that because I'm not cut my skin rolls over the tip allowing me to tug, how do you do it if there's no skin to roll over?

How does it feel when you masturbate with a circumcised

An uncircumcised man will grip his member tightly and move it up and down. This causes the thrusting motion and there is little rubbing of the skin as it moves freely. Uncircumcised men do not need any lube to get the job done. Without revealing

How do circumcised people masturbate? - The Student

Jun 17, 2010 How does it feel when you masturbate with a circumcised penis? I'm uncircumcised& when I masturbate my foreskin glides all up until the tip, & way down. But, since circumcised men don't have a foreskin, won't it be difficult for them to masturbate, or move the skin around the penis freely without hurting themselves?

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