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Roxas City vice mayor faces probe in own turf

ROXAS City, Capiz—Vice Mayor Ronnie Dadivas is facing investigation by his own colleagues at the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) for creating a committee of the whole sans approval of the majority of the council members.

City Councilor Julius Abela, committee on laws chairman, said he will initiate the probe on Dadivas’ alleged illegal act which violated the SP’s House Rules and Procedure.

A former Regional Trial Court judge, Abela said Dadivas formed a committee to investigate the alleged “sale” of tricycle franchise to some individuals.

Abela said the committee was created made without any motion by any councilor and approval of the majority.

“Dadivas was also acting as chairman of the committee of the whole even if he has no committee chairmanship at the city council. His (Dadivas) position as vice mayor is merely to preside the session and not to act as chairman of any committee,” he said, adding that he will recommend the suspension of the vice mayor.

Dadivas convened on Monday the committee of the whole to investigate the alleged irregularities on tricycle franchises. Only four councilors identified with the vice mayor’s faction attended the hearing.

Mariano Layno, head of the Tricycle Franchising and Regulatory Unit(TFRU), said he did not attended the hearing because “the committee was illegal and the outcome of the investigation will be illegal, too.”

Layno said he never got fair treatment and respect from the vice mayor.

“My family and my friends are saddened because of the unsavory words I received from Dadivas,” he added.


On Monday, Mayor Angel Alan Celino reacted to Dadivas’ statement linking him and his son, San Jose village chief Jericho, to the alleged selling of tricycle franchises.

Celino said the vice mayor used faked documents to support his accusation delivered in a privilege speech.

In a position paper dated Oct. 20, Celino emphasized that “such imputations are merely based on speculation since there are no original documents that maybe used as concrete evidence of the alleged illegal transaction.”

“In the legal parlance, there is no such thing as photo copied documentary evidence, amazingly, it exists in your legal mind. Moreover, worthy of note is that plate number 172 with Case No: RC-08-1525 is in fact a franchise issued way back in 2008 which means that said document could not in any way be effective in the year 2014”, Celino said in the position paper.

“I wonder Hon. Dadivas, why are you bringing this nonsensical issue into salvo when the next mayoral election is still three years away? I suggest that the next time you decide to bring something into fore, you would consider picking something more interesting and deserving of the public’s valuable attention; something more intellectually stimulating perhaps, instead of just baseless innuendo fitting of desperation.”

A “graduating vice-mayor”, Dadivas is aiming for the mayor’s office in 2016 against Celino who has one more term left. The two belong to the rulong Liberal Party (LP).


On Wednesday, Herald Artates admitted over RMN-DyVR-Roxas that he was behind the irregularities In selling tricycle franchises.

Artates said the transaction was done outside city hall without the knowledge of the city officials.

In an interview with anchormen Joven Anisco and Jessie Llegue over “Straight to the Point” program, Artates cleared the names of Mayor Celino, Jericho Celino and Layno of the anomalies. He apologized to the officials and the people he victimized.

He added that he is willing to come out and face the consequences of his actions. - By: Felipe V. Celino / The Daily Guardian

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