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SONA 2013 : Random thoughts 

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Today marks the day wherein President Benigno Aquino III will be giving out his 4th State of the Nation Address or SONA. Every year as both houses of congress opens its regular session, the president reports what he has done and what he intends to do. He basically gives us us a rundown of what happened in the past year and what is the thrust of his governance in the year to follow.

Capiz News has by by now learned about the re-election of Rep. Belmonte as House Speaker and that Sen. Drilon is obviously now the Senate President. Both are close allies of the PNoy ( the presdident’s nickname). The Supreme Court Chief Justice is a Pnoy appointee. We can all now conclude that all the branches of our government is either friendly or allies of the president. I hope this will bring good things and no more bad ones for the Filipino people.

Frankly I really don’t know what to expect and what to believe. Capiz News has learned that protesters are converging at Commonwealth and in other parts of the country there are rallies being staged. What does it show and what does it tells us.

Prices of all basic commodities are rising. Crimes, drugs, immorality and what else is here? We are being bullied left and right. We cant properly protect our citizens abroad.The Philippines is literally on fire. It is madness.

What the Philippines need is action and we need it now. – Capiz News Admin.


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