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‘Very powerful typhoon’ coming to the Philippines 

Typhoon path projection

A very powerful typhoon is set to enter the Philippines later this week and may affect areas hit by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in the Visayas, according to international meteorologists.

Meteorologist Eric Leicester of said: “The most likely scenario is that Haiyan will be a very powerful typhoon with wind gusts over 125 mph as it approaches the central Philippines.”

“The expected track of Haiyan will take it directly over the areas hardest hit by a powerful 7.1 magnitude that killed more than 150 people in the middle of October,” he said.

Bohol and Cebu were the hardest hit by the powerful earthquake, which had already claimed the lives of more than 200 persons.

“Rain and increasing wind will reach the central Philippines Friday afternoon and conditions will deteriorate from east to west Friday night into early Saturday as the powerful typhoon crosses the islands,” Leicester said.

The same track was provided by the United States Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command.

“Haiyan will only weaken slightly as it crosses the Philippines causing damaging winds, flooding rainfall and bringing the threat for deadly mudslides,” Leicester said.

“Emerging into the South China Sea later Saturday, Haiyan will remain a dangerous cyclone as it continues to move to the west-northwest,” he added.

It will move towards Vietnam late Sunday or Monday, he added.

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